How Does Play-To-Win Work?

We set up the games, you sit down to play (we'll even teach you how!), and after you have played the game you enter your name in a drawing to win that game. Each person that plays a game can get one (1) entry for that game. Games will be available to play to win only during the morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday this year (there will not be an evening play to win Friday, Saturday or Sunday this year.) Drawings will be held at 6pm on Saturday, and at 4pm on Sunday AND you must be present to win! Everyone is limited to 1 game won per day, and if you win a game, you will be ineligible to win another game that day.

Play-to-Win List of Games:

The following is the list of games available to play and potentially win in our play-to-win at QC Game Fest 2019. The list is subject to change without notice, and may not include all games on the day of the convention (some donors in past years have donated games as late as the day before the convention, making it difficult to list on the site and in the convention booklet in time.)

7 Ronin
Beeees (x2)
Before the Earth Explodes (x2)
Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig*
Coup: Rebellion
Cutthroat Caverns
Doctor Who: Time Clash
Doodle Rush
Dragon Castle
Epic Spellwars Melee at Murdershroom Marsh (x2)
Euphoria (with Ignorance is Bliss expansion)*
Fairy Tile
Firefly: Fistful of Credits
Funky Chicken
Guildball: Kick Off!
Homeland (x2)

Klondike Rush
Ladder 29 (x2)
The Lady & the Tiger (x2)
Lazer Riderz
Lords of Waterdeep
Master of Orion
Munchkin Marvel
My Little Scythe*
Outlawed! (x2)
Paramedics Clear!
Pocket Mars (x2)
The Prodigals Club
Roll For It Deluxe
Smash-Up Munchkin (x2)
Tides of Madness

** These games were donated courtesy Greater Than Games.

Raffle Items:

Fallen Land (With "A Journey Into Darkness" and "Outriders Trading Post" expansions)*

* This item was donated by Jon Lonngren of Fallen Dominion Studios, LLC.