Preregistration has closed but you can still purchase your badge early at the full door price by stopping by or calling Games +1. We will continue accepting event submissions until May 9th, but there is no guarantee it will appear online or in the convention booklet.

Full Event Badges*:

  • Weekend Badge: $30
  • Mom's Badge: $15
  • GM Badge: $15
  • MTG Modern Tournament Badge**: $30

Single Day Badge Prices:

  • Friday Only (5pm-11pm): $10
  • Saturday Only (8am-12am): $20
  • Sunday Only (8am-6pm): $15

Shopper Badge***: $5

*Full event badges are valid for the entire weekend (Friday, 6pm - Sunday, 5pm). These badges give you access to all events and vendors with the exception of the MTG Modern Tournament.

**The MTG Modern Tournament Badge is required to play in the Modern event being held this year at QC Game Fest. It gives you access to all other events and vendors as well.

***Shopper Badges are valid for one day only and allow you to shop with our event vendors. These badges do not allow you to play in events. To play in events you need a weekend or day badge.

For more information, please call Games +1.

The When, Where, and Why...

QC Game Fest is an annual gaming convention that celebrates games of all kinds – board games, role-playing games, miniature war games, card games, and video games – and the people who play them. Our goal is to bring together the existing gaming communities of the greater Quad City area, and help the QC gaming community grow by encouraging and introducing new people to try out our favorite hobbies!

QC Game Fest 2019 will take place May 10-12, 2019 at the Golden Leaf Banquet Center and Reception Hall, located at 2902 East Kimberly Road in Davenport, Iowa.

Three days of gaming goodness await you at QC Game Fest 2019. On Friday night the doors open at 5pm with events running from 6pm to 10pm. Saturday begins bright and early with doors opening at 8am and events running from 9am to 11pm. Finally, we round out the convention on Sunday with doors opening at 8 am and events running from 9am to 6pm.

What's New This Year?

We've gotten a lot of feedback from the community, and we've listened. This year we'll be trying our best to address those comments and concerns with positive changes to the convention. Below you'll find a list of those changes:

  • No evening play-to-win (P2W) sessions - P2W sessions will run all day this year through the morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday only. During previous years, evening sessions were especially hard on our entirely volunteer staff asking them to continue teaching games into the twilight hours. It was also difficult for families with young children to participate, often forcing them to miss out on games they'd love to try hosted in the evening sessions.  By not running an evening P2W session this year we feel we'll be giving our volunteer staff a chance to take a much needed break, and we'll be giving those families unable to stay into the evening a chance to play the games they'd like to try.  This will also free up additional tables for GMs to run events during evening sessions.
  • 1 Game per day limit on P2W - Many conventions with P2W have restricted the winners of P2W drawings to 1 game for the entire event. We aren't going that far, but we will restrict winners of P2W game drawings to 1 game per day. What this means is that if you play a game and put your name in the drawing for that game and we pull your name during the drawing, you'll have the choice to either turn down the game and have a new winner drawn, or take that game home with you and pass on the chance to possibly win another game that same day. We hope by making this change that it will alleviate any concerns that any individual is "gaming the system" in some way, and that more people will have the chance to go home with a great game.
  • Better Games in P2W - Speaking of great games, P2W will feature better games this year. In years past our P2W has featured a very wide spectrum of games, including many that we'd never even heard of ourselves. This year we'll be focusing on fan and local favorites instead. You can check out our list of P2W games here.
  • Mom's Badges - This year we'll be offering a special Mom's Badge for mothers to enjoy. For just $15, these badges give all the benefits of a weekend badge including free entry for up to two children 14 or younger. We understand that Mother's Day Weekend can be an inopportune moment to host a convention, but everyone loved the convention space and there was only one weekend available this year, so we jumped on it. We hope that with a world full of moms that love to play games that we'll see lots of moms and their families take advantage of this special mother's badge price.
  • Charity Raffle - With Mother's Day in mind, this year we'll be donating to Bethany for Children & Families, a local charity that helps moms and women in our community. Last year we donated over $1,300 to Rescued, a charity for local dogs and their owners in need, and this year we hope to donate at least that much again to a charity that helps moms and/or women in our community.
  • GM Badges are available only online - We've made the move to have an onsite shop for badges with GM Badges specifically in mind. In years past event submissions have been misplaced and mislisted, GMs have never had full control over the details of their events after submission, and people who had not purchased a GM badge were able to submit events. By requiring badges be purchase online, which will require a user account, we can also link events submitted directly to their GMs. When you purchase a GM badge you'll be automatically promoted from Subscriber to GM, and you'll be able to see the Event Registration form in the Events section of the site. When a GM submits an event, they'll be able to go to their event and edit it as needed up to the event submission cutoff date (to be determined.) This allows a GM that realizes they made a mistake in submission to also correct that submission without waiting for a volunteer staff member to be available to do it for them. We are also able to restrict duplicate GM badge purchases (which happened every year) by restricting the item to only being able to be purchased once and to one GM badge per user. We apologize for any inconvenience, but as GM badges include promotion of user accounts and are directly linked to an account, people will not be able to purchase GM badges for their friends this year.
  • QC Game Fest Online Shop - Finally, we're adding an online shop this year. There you'll be able to purchase badges safely and securely. The shop will become available soon.