Big Bad World @ QC Game Fest

This year at QC Game Fest, we’re going to be offering a new type of activity/game called Big Bad World!  Big Bad World is a meta-game made popular by Big Bad Con 2016Ask about this game at the registration desk.  To play, attendees select from the basic playbooks (Ambassador, Mage, Rogue, or Explorer) and slide the playbooks behind their badge. On the front of the playbooks are the principles of play:


  • Think about the well-being of those around you.
  • Address yourself to the other attendees.
  • Make room for others at the table.
  • Shine the spotlight on your fellow players.
  • Learn everyone’s name, let them be human.

On the back are each playbooks moves which are all in the format of:

Mark XP when you…
…introduce someone to a group of people.
…play a game you’ve never played before.
…pull up a chair for someone at your table.

After the players have marked their fifth XP, they could turn in their playbook, get a shiny pin showing the playbook was completed, and get a new playbook!  If you’d like to play, get your game card from the registration desk.  

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