The Why, When, and Where…

QC Game Fest is an annual gaming convention that celebrates games of all kinds – board games, role-playing games, miniature war games, card games, and video games – and the people who play them. Our goal is to bring together the existing gaming communities of the greater Quad City area, and help the QC gaming community grow by encouraging and introducing new people to try out our favorite hobbies!

QC Game Fest 2018 will take place April 27-29, 2018 at the Golden Leaf Banquet Center and Reception Hall, located at 2902 East Kimberly Road in Davenport, Iowa.

Three days of gaming goodness await you at QC Game Fest 2018. On Friday night the doors open at 5pm with events running from 6pm to 10pm. Saturday begins bright and early with doors opening at 8am and events running from 9am to 11pm. Finally, we round out the convention on Sunday with doors opening at 8 am and events running from 9am to 6pm.

If you want to play in games, you’ll be able to reserve a seat at any registered event beginning April 1st at 10am sharp. The seats are first come, first served, and if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to create an account on this site to be able to reserve a seat at the table (click Site Login on the menu to login or create an account.) Also, and this is very important, if you haven’t preregistered for QC Game Fest 2018 by purchasing your badge, you’ll be unable to maintain a reservation. Individuals who have not preregistered but try to reserve a seat at a table will have their reservation revoked to open up the seat for people that did preregister. So remember, reservations begin on April 1st at 10am, you’ll need to be logged into your account, and you’ll need to have preregistered for QC Game Fest 2018! (Preregistration closed April 1st at 12am.)