What To Look Forward To . . .

Memoir '44This years QC Game Fest is going to be amazing!  In our first year, we tried to bring you things you can’t play at home, so your experience would be memorable.  This year, we’re expanding on that idea for you.  I’m talking MEGA GAMES!  New games! Old favorites!  Just for you!  Here’s a taste of what to expect at this years QC Game Fest . . . . .


Pathfinder 2-Way Blind
This may actually become a 3-way blind, and there’s rumor that monster classes may be involved this year?! Stay tuned!
Grind House Arena
Ya know that Ministry song “Tonight We Murder”?  Yeah.  Can you survive the Grind House?  Many have tried and failed.  Tried and died.  How will you fair?  Only legendary warriors survive Grind House Arena.  Are you ready to become a legend? 
3D Escape the Death Star
This will be using Star Wars minis rules, not Imperial Assault. The game master is building a custom 3D game board, that looks amazing right now.  Even if you don’t play, you just have to come see this when you’re at QC Game Fest.
Memoir ’44
This is an historical boardgame that will recreate the D-Day invasion of WWII.  The game board takes up multiple tables, and includes multiple expanions.  If you’re into historical board games, you’ve got to get signed up for this.  
Giant Catan
Imagine a Catan board, the size of a small room, played on the floor because the board is so big.  If you’re a fan of Catan, you’ve GOT to get in on this one.  It makes the dynamic of the game so much more fun!
Miniature Painting Contest
This will be the first year for the miniature painting contest.  Still in development, it will be focused towards amateur painters rather than professionals.  We hope to have a celebrity judge for you as well.  

Grind House Arena

So that’s what’s in the works so far.  We’ve still got 4 months though, so I’m sure there’s more to come.  Make sure to get registered before December 31st to benefit from the early bird savings on pre-registration.  It’s only $20 until December 31st!


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