Confirmed Vendors

Breadloaf Book Shop - Coming from Lake Geneva, WI, Breadloaf Book Shop will be offering up a selection of new and used books backed by 40 years of experience and service. Harold Johnson will also be running games throughout the convention, so be sure to check out his events!

Bustout Live Escape Room - Bringing to the convention an immersive puzzle challenge in which players attempt to escape a locked room. Each game will last 20 minutes and plays in teams of up to 4 players ($10 per player.)

Chicken Coop Arcade - Local craftsmen with an enthusiasm for retro gaming bring their unique and beautifully designed arcade style game cabinets to QC Game Fest.

ComiQ RaCk - Rock Island locals bringing comic book and collectible selections to choose from featuring your favorite characters from comics, TV, and movies.

Dragonwars of Trayth - Classic dungeon crawl style adventures in fully 3-D terrain, and clothing featuring original DragonWars of Trayth artwork.

Embroidered Embelishments - Offering onsite embroidery, they'll be customizing your gaming gear and offering up custom embroidered bags.

Entangled Stitches - Featuring hand-made knitted and crocheted creations including dice, hats, scarves, toys, and more. Very unique, truly one-of-a-kind

Geek City - Out of Iowa City, IA, bringing a wide variety of games to choose from including new and popular board and card games as well as gaming supplies and dice.

Key's Games & Hobbies - Bringing retro gaming to the Quad Cities, these are games, books, miniatures, and gaming supplies from the late 1970s through the 1990s.

OCM MTG - Out of Des Moines, IA, OCM MTG brings in a huge collection of Magic: The Gathering cards for sale including rare legacy cards, modern staples, promos, and more.

TPK Games - A standout in the world of third-party publishing for Pathfinder, TPK Games brings a wide selection of role-playing game supplements and gaming supplies.

Video Games, Etc. - VGE will be joining us again this year, bringing video games, trading card and board games, and more!

Wandering Mail - Featuring detailed, brightly colored, hand-crafted chainmail and metal pieces including dice bags, jewelery, hats, and more.