Confirmed Vendors

ComiQ RaCk - Rock Island locals bringing comic book and collectible selections to choose from featuring your favorite characters from comics, TV, and movies.

Embroidered Embelishments - Offering onsite embroidery, they'll be customizing your gaming gear and offering up custom embroidered bags.

Geek City - Out of Iowa City, IA, bringing a wide variety of games to choose from including new and popular board and card games as well as gaming supplies and dice.

Key's Games & Hobbies - Bringing retro gaming to the Quad Cities, these are games, books, miniatures, and gaming supplies from the late 1970s through the 1990s.

TPK Games - A standout in the world of third-party publishing for Pathfinder, TPK Games brings a wide selection of role-playing game supplements and gaming supplies.

Video Games, Etc. - VGE will be joining us again this year, bringing video games, trading card and board games, and more!

Wandering Mail - Featuring detailed, brightly colored, hand-crafted chainmail and metal pieces including dice bags, jewelery, hats, and more.