Thank You To Our Donors (Please Share)

As the writer of these blog posts, and a type 1 diabetic, I would like to offer a resounding THANK YOU to all of those who donated to JDRF through QC Game Fest.  From the patron who bought a raffle ticket, to the businesses that held fundraisers, to my type 1 diabetic brother who joined me in fundraising for the first time.  Without all of you, we could not have raised over $3200, with more to come!

Thank you to everyone at QC Game Fest who dropped money in the donation jar, who bought raffle tickets, who played bingo, who played Big Bad World, and who entered the miniature painting contest. The generosity of the gaming community was simply astounding.

Thank you to the local businesses that partnered with us to hold fundraisers. Below is a list of businesses who contributed to JDRF One Walk through QC Game Fest. I encourage you to click their links, check out their websites, and visit their place of business.  Please support these businesses, as they have supported JDRF One Walk.

Games+1 | Kohls | Fresh Blends QC | Pita Pit | Willey Bandz
Ray’s Barber Shop | Spellbound | Texas Road House
For all you diabetics out there, . . .
may your blood sugars remain steady and true.



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