Star Wars – Escape the Death Star!

Will Han, Luke, Chewie, Obi-Wan, and the droids rescue the princess and escape the death star, or will the imperial storm troopers hunt them down and destroy the rebellion?

QC Game Fest strives to bring you unique games that you’ve never played before, and this year, one of those games is “Escape the Death Star”. Based on a 3D Star Wars Miniatures game by Wizards of the Coast, you won’t want to miss this epic game.  The game board is a custom 3D game board, built by the GM (Michael Hutton).  Rules are simple and quick to learn.  Will you play the hero?  The maiden??  The droids???  Who will you play to recreate the epic story that’s at the heart of our culture?

Just like in the movie, you’ll need to escape the trash compactor, power down the tractor beam, swing across the chasm, and finally, Obi-Wan and Vader must battle to the death.  Will you defeat Darth Vader and change canon forever?!!!  Are you the chosen one?!  You’ll be telling stories of this game for years to come . . . . .

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