JDRF One Walk


In the inaugural year of QC Game Fest, we raised over $800 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)!!!  Thanks to everyone who donated last year!  Many in the Quad Cities tabletop gaming community are touched by diabetes in some way, which is why QC Game Fest has chosen to support JDRF.  As gamers, we’re the Quest for the Cure” type.  So gather your friends, your family, and join the quest to fund a cure in the JDRF One Walk. This year QC Game Fest will provide an “incentive” for anyone who wants to take an active part in helping us raise funds for JDRF.

JDRF funds research that transforms the lives of people with diabetes.  Their mission, is to find a cure for diabetes.  They drive scientific research that brings real results, such as the recent approval of the very first artificial (bionic) pancreas by the FDA.  [click here for more info]  You can be assured, that the money donated to JDRF, really does make a difference.

For anyone who signs up on the QC Game Fest – JDRF Walk Team website and raises at least $20, you will receive 1 free raffle ticket for the game raffle.  For anyone who raises at least $100, you will receive 5 more free raffle tickets!  That’s a total of 6 FREE RAFFLE TICKETS if you raise at least $100!!!  Then, if you join us at the JDRF One Walk, those who raise at least $100 get a free JDRF One Walk t-shirt!

To earn your free raffle tickets and join the QC Game Fest – JDRF One Walk fundraising walk team . . . . .





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