Indy Gaming Demo Table

Have you created your own game?  Do you have a creation that makes playing a game more fun?  Are you one of those people with a 3D printer, who can make your own custom game organizers, or craft your own game tokens?  QC Game Fest has an opportunity for all you indy gaming creators.

QC Game Fest will offer gaming entrepreneurs the opportunity to demo their unpublished board games, gaming accessories, etc., at a community demo table. This will allow you some great exposure at your target market, so see what people think, and gauge how big a hit your product will be.

1 copy of whatever you’re demonstrating will be donated to the JDRF game raffle as your demo fee.  No sales of your products can be made at QC Game Fest Doing so would violate our contract with The River Center.  However, you can bring business cards or flyers directing people to your contact info.  We look forward to seeing what comes out of the woodwork here!

If you’d like to participate in the Indy Gaming Demo Table, contact Dave Williamson at Games+1, so we can get a count.  First come, first served!  The best way to reach Dave is by calling the store at (563) 391-1680.

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