The Reckoners

Date(s) - 05/11/2019
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


“Twelve years ago, an object dubbed Calamity appeared near Earth and burst in the sky, emitting a strange radiation which gave a small group of humans super powers and near invincibility in apparent defiance of the known laws of physics. They all have different types of powers and weaknesses, with no apparent rhyme or reason. Dubbed Epics, these super-humans took to crime. Existing government proved absolutely incapable of controlling the Epics, the most powerful of which replaced government authority and enslaved the rest of humanity.”


Based on the classic superhero novel trilogy by author Brandon Sanderson, The Reckoners comes to life in its very own board game. The Calamity has caused a number of the world’s population to become super powered EPICS, who turned to crime. Lead by the most notorious villain – Steelheart – these villains have taken over what once was Chicago, and divided it up among themselves.

Players will take on the roll of the Reckoners, a band of normal humans who have taken it upon themselves to hunt and destroy the powered EPICS.

Will you survive the hunt? Will you survive the EPICS? Will you find Steelhearts weakness, or will he find yours?


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