Savage Worlds: Flash Gordon: Treachery Abounds

Date(s) - 04/27/2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Session: 1 (Fri 7-11pm)
Type: Role-Playing Game
Experience: All Levels
Players: 3-5
Duration: 4 hours

Beneath the surface of the alien world Mongo lies the hidden kingdom of Kira, awarded to Flash Gordon by Ming the Merciless after surviving the Tournament of Death. The kingdom however was not Ming’s to award, and was ultimately captured by Flash and his companions from the Blue Magic Men of Mongo, who have lived there for eons, wielding their magic to create an entire world within the depths of Mongo itself. Over time, and thanks in part to the allegiance of their former queen, Azura, the Blue Magic Men have come to trust and respect their leader, Flash Gordon and his allies, the Freemen of Mongo. Recently, those very allies have called upon Flash and his friends from the planet Earth to help infiltrate the dungeons of Mingo City, home of Ming the Merciless, and free previously forsaken allies. Heeding their call, Flash has raced off, leaving Azura, his trusted compatriot, in charge in his stead.

Now, with Flash absent on a mission to aid the Freemen in Mingo City, interlopers have taken it upon themselves to interfere. Word has been sent to Flash that his kingdom is under attack from within and without, but due to the nature of his mission, it is hard to say when he will receive the message. You now find yourselves, allies of Flash Gordon and his Freemen of Mongo, in a perilous situation in which you are unsure of what is true and who you can trust.

Do you have what it takes to be saviors of the universe?

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