Betrayal Legacy

Date(s) - 05/10/2019 - 05/12/2019
All Day



This event will be run as 13, one hour long games during the following sessions:
Friday, 6-10pm: 4 One hour games.
Saturday, 9am-1pm: 4 One hour games.
Saturday, 7-11pm: 4 One hour games.
Sunday, 2-3pm: 1 One hour game.

The entire game will be played over the course of these 13 one hour sessions.

Players do not have to play all 13 games (new players will pick up where players that step out have left off.)

Sign ups for this game will work as follows: The first four players to sign up for each session will sit for the first game that session, the next four will sit for the second game, and so on. Please understand that we’d like as many people that want to play this game as possible to be able to play. Once everyone that has signed up to play during that session has had a chance to play, then anyone that has already played or that has walked up to play is welcome to jump in for the subsequent games.


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