JDRF Fundraisers @ QC Game Fest!!!

QC Game Fest is rapidly approaching, so I’d like to take a moment to share with you all the ways you can support JDRF One Walk while you’re there.  Below is a list of all the fundraising opportunities available for you to participate in over the weekend.  A quick reminder, QC Game Fest is at the Davenport River Center on April 22nd and 23rd, 2017.

JDRF Game Raffle – You’re definitely going to want to get some raffle tickets this year! There are some EPIC games being donated for this raffle, including Twilight Imperium and Blood Rage (both are nearly $100 retail), as well as metal dice sets, deck boxes, TPK books for D&D5E, and an Orcus statue! (Worth $150!!!) A big thanks goes out to all of the vendors and retailers that have donated to our game raffle.

Convention Bingo – The popular Convention Bingo with prizes will be back at QC Game Fest this year.  For a $1 donation, you get a bingo card. When you get a BINGO, you can turn your card in for prizes.

Big Bad World – Designed to be like a game convention scavenger hunt, for just a $1 you can take on a character, go on quests, and gain experience!

Pathfinder Society Retirement Game – There will be a retirement scenario again this year led by the Paizo representative, but there are only 6 seats available, so there will be an auction for those 6 tickets.  The money raised goes to JDRF.

Miniature Painting Contest – The inaugural year of “The Broken Brush” miniature painting contest has an entry fee of $1 per entry, and all of the proceeds goes to JDRF.

JDRF Table Donation Jar – JDRF will have a table with information about our chosen charity, and there will also be a donation jar.



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