Security Council (CHOU! Games)

Date(s) - 04/29/2018
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Session: 1 (Fri 6-10 pm)
Type: Board Game
Experience: Beginner
Players: 2-6
Duration: 1 hour

They finally did it: total nuclear annihilation! But don’t lose hope. You’re still alive, aren’t you?
Venture out into the wasteland and recruit your troops. Discover the lost technology of oil and uranium and reignite the flames of war! Fire your nuclear missiles from behind your marching troops and decimate entire areas of the battlefield!
It is as they say: history is written by the winners. Don’t let another group claim the title of Security Council!

**Note: this and other CHOU! Games will be running on the same table during the block so start time may vary**

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