Merchants of Medieval Europe (CHOU! Games)

Date(s) - 04/27/2018
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Session: 1 (Fri 6-10 pm)
Type: Board Game
Experience: Beginner
Players: 2-6
Duration: 1 hour

Become a poor merchant traveling across a section of Western Europe trying to make your living buying and selling regional goods for the best price at the whims of the fluctuating market.
Earn gold, borrow funds from the Merchant Bank of Europe, and accept contracts from wealthy nobles for rare goods from across the continent.
Can you bask in the glow of the most gold? Build a merchant house that will last for eternity, admired by princes and princesses while your merchant rivals suffer in silence surrounded by pestilence and disease for generations to come!

Merchants of Medieval Europe is a light stock market game for casual players of all ages!

**Note: this and other Chou! Games will be playing as a block on the same table and may varying on start time**

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