Event registration begins now!!!

Event registration begins now!!! In order to register for events, you must be “pre-registered”, meaning you must have purchased your game badge prior to registering for games.  You will also need to have created an account on this website.  Those links are listed below.  If you are not pre-registered, your event registration, and your place in line to play in that game, will be void.  Don’t let that happen!  So far, we have 60 events scheduled, with more to come.  We also have 100 pre-registered for QC Game Fest.  That’s a lot of competition for a spot in the games you want to play!  We have some really wicked events lined up for this year, so make sure to save your spot in the games you want, by getting signed up ASAP on March 2nd!

Click the links below for information about the events available, and to get pre-registered.  If you’re not pre-registered, do that 1st.  Then check out which events you want to sign up for in the event listings and write them down.  Lastly, create your account on this website to actually request your games and events.  You can create this account now, today, but you’ll need to come back on March 2nd or later to request your games.





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